UMA contained within Ugur Corporate Group (Uğur Motorlu Araçlar A.Ş.) started its activities in the motorcycle sector in 2004 with its registered and locomotive brand "Mondial" and continues to grow in the sector day by day without compromising its quality.

In 2006, UMA took the "ISO 9001 Quality Management System" certificate, which is a management system model that can be applied nationally and internationally in 2006, and started to provide a customer focused service by improving its continuous development philosophy and quality understanding.

Uğur Motorlu Araçlar was moved to existing production facilities in 2007 and it meets almost all  needs of motorcycle industry’s spare part as a growing company with its factory installed on a 44.500 m² area and after-sales spare parts store installed on a 15.000 m²  since the year it was founded. In 2010, it began to produce its own motorcycle chassis and it improves its models by adding ATV models to its product portfolio in the same year.

 “Mondial” chosen as "Turkey's Best-Selling Motorcycle Brand", the "Mondial" for 10 consecutive years between the years 2005-2014 with its quality product and service policies according to data of  TSI (Turkey Statistical Institute) serves with the understanding of of quality product and service priority with 400 sales points, 528 service centers and 250 spare parts sales points

UMA, entered quickly into the accessory  market  with the brand of  Motovento in 2013, took  distributorship of many brands across the world, which are  leaders in their field. Motovento make sales  of motorcycle accessories and spare parts products, especially protective products that reflect life style like helmets, clothes, shoes, underwear through its concept stores. Some of brands of products sold are HJC, Airoh, Just One, Nitek and Origine for helmets; Alpinestars and Andes for motorcycle protective products; Akrapovic the manufacturer of famous exhaust systems; Sixs Underwear brand and Shad  motorcycle bags brand.

UMA took also the Turkish distributorship of the Kymco brand, which operates in the motorcycle sector all over the world in 2014, and added this valuable brand to its business. Kymco gives great importance to respect for the environment and to the preservation of natural life produces environmentally friendly and low-emission scooter, ATV and UTV.

E-MON, the brand of an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and noise-free electric motor product , starting to operate in the first half of 2015 under the UMA roof, offers technological, quality and economical products that provide high customer satisfaction, eliminate almost all maintenance costs of its users.

At the end of the first half of 2015 with UMA distributorship, CF MOTO brings its high quality and reliable products to its users with its brand name and corporate website in the Turkish motorcycle market.

After the second half of 2016, ZONTES, the brand of motorcycle, was included in UMA. ZONTES serves  to motorcycle enthusiasts in Turkey with its extensive range of spare parts and service network with its durable motorcycle models produced with advanced technology.

"UMA has included the distributionship of  Kymco, CF Moto and Zontes as well as  Mondial, the brand of locomotive, E-Mon the brand of electric scooter and Motovento, the brand of motorcycle accessory. UMA makes the organization of  the products, spare parts and accessories of these brands to  continue to provide consumers with the best service  and increase the power of the market.

While Uma  continue to production with modern technology, it also continues to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level throughout sales and technical service and strengthens its leading position in the sector. UMA supports the continuous development by targeting the excellence in the service after sales as well as the sales with the dealer sales personnel and authorized service personnel training and promotion meetings and call center services.