"Institutional Social Responsibility" for UMA is not a requirement. This is a form of behavior that we internalize with our employees and all of our components; so it is not a necessity, it is a responsibility.

With this understanding, we make an effort to create sensitivity about the future of our country and our world, and to spread this sensitivity in a wider environment as possible.

As UMA, we regularly and continuously support various social sharing projects in the fields of environment, education and health with the understanding of institutional social responsibility. We work diligently to fulfill our responsibilities to our employees and their families, our customers, our franchisees, universities, civil society organizations and other stakeholders.

Our environmental awareness continues to be a part of social life as well as production stages. In addition to the projects we have been realized, we also support the projects created by the students to contribute to the growth of environmentally sensitive generations. With the Uğur Memorial Forest Project that we ran, we are contributing to increase of the green areas in our country by encouraging other institutions.

As UMA, we have supported many local and cultural projects up to date within the scope of social responsibility. In order to facilitate the lives of our disabled citizens, we are making the " We are removing obstacles in communication" project, which we conducted together with Turkey's leading telecommunication company, to enable our citizens with speech and hearing disabilities to access our call center more easily. In addition, we take priority on the demands and needs of our region and respond to new demands every year.

In the field of education, we have been supporting many projects throughout Turkey and our region. We are one of the leading institutions of our region as UMA, especially in these projects which we have carried out with technical schools and universities and are focused on education and employment. We continue to support studies that are carried out by student communities in distinguished universities in Turkey, such as innovation, renewable energy, R&D studies, in accordance with the pros and cons of projects.

In the field of health, we are carrying out joint activities with important civil organizations. We make effort to inform our staff about the voluntary donation of blood by during certain periods, the harms of smoking and similar issues. At every opportunity we support the health projects.

In all the fields we support as UMA, we are moving forward with a vision that is trying to be a pioneer and an example of community, and we are progressing by contributing to our economy and employment with our investments. We also pay great attention to ensure that the projects we support produce permanent benefits in order to have sustainable impacts in our institutional social responsibility studies.

With the help of the resources that the world presents to us, we embrace the attitude of being attentive as a reflection of our respect for humanity, future generations, and ourselves, and see it as a reflection of respect for environment, humanity, future generations and ourselves. For this reason, as UMA INC, we use our resources that we have more efficiently and we take care to ensure that recycling is the most efficient way in our company.

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