Motovento has been established within Ugur Motor Vehicles INC in order to collect world-wide proven brands under one roof. Motovento is a quality, reliable and user friendly online shopping site where you can easily reach to motorcycle accessories and spare parts products, especially protective products that reflect life style such as helmet, clothes, shoes, underwear.

Within the scope of Motovento;

  1. 'Alpinestars', the most preferred brand of Formula 1 and motorcycle racers, producing motorcycle clothes, boots and casual clothes with high protection power, has become a leading global brand in Europe,
  2. 'HJC' crash helmets head with superior aerodynamic features, have the best distribution network in the world, producing 'handmade helmet',
  3. 'Airoh' helmets, made in Italy and all handmade,
  4. 'Nitek' helmets, all made from carbon materials, high aerodynamic qualities and strong protection, produced with continuously developing modern technology,
  5. 'Origine' helmets, reflecting modern design and lines
  6. 'Just 1' helmets, produced from all of the carbon materials, which only produce MX Cross racing models,
  7. Shiro 'helmets, with production in Spain, compliant with E.C.E (Europe) and D.O.T. (USA) standards, proved the quality of the certificates'
  8. ‘Shad’, World-renowned motorcycle saddle maker, producing motorcycle rear and side bags at the same time,
  9. Rizoma, based on the Italian style, is a world famous brand that manufactures a variety of motorcycle accessories from mirrors, liquid tanks, brake and clutch covers, handcrafts, handlebars and handlebar covers,
  10. Wind belt brand 'Puig', made in Spain, manufactured for motorcycles in high engine power
  11. Athletic underwear brand 'Six S', expertly developed feature, which exudes sweat from the body, made from carbon material that makes it easier for the body to get air, you can use during all four seasons,
  12. 'Regina', an Italian chain manufacturer and producer of powerful transmission chains, most preferred by motorcyclists,
  13. More environmentally friendly battery brand 'Skyrich', which offers higher performance than lithium-ion polymer batteries and lithium cobalt batteries
  14. 'Interphone', which produces intercom device with bluetooth capability, Whether motorcycle drivers can talk to each other during mass rides, or respond to incoming phone calls instantly, at the same time listen to music on the phone,
  15. "Akrapovic" exhaust systems, pioneering world brand with innovative technology and impressive exhaust design, which makes its own production with its excellence and high quality understanding,

These brands; gathered under a single site to provide pleasant driving, keeping the safety and comfort of the drivers on the front panel.