In line with the mission of our company, to increase the motivation and sense of belonging of our personnel who fulfill customer expectations at the highest level and always provide to keep our competitive position in the market, to ensure continuity of this, to support teamwork with the principle of continuous improvement of personnel competencies.

Our aim as Human Resources Department is to constantly improve our human power and to become a permanent superiority in a global competitive environment by living up to following principles;

  • The Right Person to the Right Job
  • Payment Dependent On Performance And Competence
  • Assessment Based on Success

All of our companies under the roof of the Uğur Group of Companies conduct their activities in respect of the conditions set out in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights that the Turkish Republic is also take part in it.

Ugur Motor Vehicles INC conducts labor operations in accordance with the ILO Conventions which the Turkish Republic is take part in it and within the legal framework permitted by the country's laws, with the conditions it provides to its employees