Trust Orientation

The members of the UMA family give confidence all stakeholders about their personality traits and professional qualifications.

Respect for Human

The UMA family respects itself and all people.

The Concept of Family

Our institutional culture reflects the awareness of professionalism in a real family environment.

Social responsibility

For UMA, social responsibility is a form of behavior which, beyond necessity, involves environmental awareness and contributing to social dilemmas.

Success-focused Continuous Improvement

UMA sees the challenges for success as an opportunity and focuses on the idea that "the person who develops the business is the person who does the job." Everyone starts their own development by asking the question "How can I do better?" at the end of the day.

High Belonging

The UMA family always feel it belongs to the company and embraces it. Under every circumstance and condition, it becomes a defender of the company and its values.

Customer Satisfaction

All members of the UMA family are focused on the principle of Unconditional Customer Satisfaction. Everyone focuses first on the internal customers, that is, on each other, and on its external customers as a natural reflection.