Ugur Motor Vehicles INC. started their activities in the motorcycle field in 2004 and it declare that will be a candidate to leader to field.

Our company that makes Customer happiness its princple, proved conformity to all relevant legal requirements and commit to it.

Our most important source is human resources. Because of this, with our senior managers understanding of leadership, we keep our workers well educated, ensure their participation, keep their potansial at top level and give all our workers in every stage a healthy and comfortable working standarts. Train them as a leader in their very own fields.

To ensure that our information is monitored and audited and that we understand and anticipate all aspects of our organization that affect the ability of our management systems to achieve their intended results (shareholders, employees, suppliers, services, vendors, end users).

By identifying all the risks and opportunities that are within the context of internal and external aspects of our organization and evaluating the positive or negative impacts on the management system in a way that will benefit our organization,

Developing and cooperating with our strategic partners, our mutual business relationships with our service and suppliers, is to grow and develop with them.

We embrace progressive improvement as a way of life in order to provide measurable improvements in every phase of our processes, to be on an innovative and competitive line, to advance with goals, to continuously improve systems, to ensure the continuity of development in our products and human resources.

To maintain and develop our Quality Management System and follow its measurable, comparable benefits.